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Products Catalogue
 Aerosol Disinfector

LYZER Aerosol Disinfector Splits the solution of formalin and water (30: 70) into microparticals. Due to high aerodynamic stability the formalin droplets remain suspended in the atmosphere for longer duration and because of penetrating property it ensures100% sterile germ free and zero bactrial. environment. The Goley multipurpose disinfector instantly destroys even air born bacteria. It can be easily operated. This Aerosol Disinfector is ideally for de - contamination of Operation theaters, wards of hospital, pharmaceutical labs, Production units, Animal houses, Poultry farms, Hatcheries, Egg strorage and silk worm rearing houses in sericulture industries.

  • Dosage: (for 1000 cubic feet room area)
  • Accessories: Timer fitted in SS rectangular box. (Optional)
  • Sizes Available: 1.5 Lt. Capacity and 5 Lt. Capacity. 
Aerosol Disinfector
 Ampule Filling Machine

Hand operated without gas cylinder for sealing, but supplied with gas burner (filling capacity from 10 mI. to 50 ml.)  

Ampule Filling Machine
 Antibiotic Zone Reader

LYZER Antibiotic Zone Reader provides a rapid accurate method for determining the strength of antibiotic materials by measuring the diameter of an inhibited zone in petri dish. This zone reader measures the diameter of the inhibited zone to 0.02mm. with the range of 0 to 35mm. work on 230volts A.C. 50 C/S. 

Antibiotic Zone Reader

LYZER  BALL MILL, MOTOR DRIVEN (PH-007): Single punch for making tablets upto 1000 mg and as per size of the punch 6 mm. Automatic compression and ejection devise with each revolution of the wheel drive, automatic feed and removal of tablets. Built on heavy cast body with acentric pressure system. Stainless steel hopper provided and connected by a rubber tube. Easy setting for thickness and hardness of tablets with nuts and locknuts, set of two spanners provided as necessary tool die. Heavy duty


LYZER  BALL MILL, MOTOR DRIVEN  (PH-006) :  Capacity 1 Kg. a compact unit built on metal plateform, with geared motor which revolves a drum and contains a stainless steel (capcity 1 K.g.). The drum rotates on brackets. Complete with set of balls mains lead and plug provided (5 Amp) work on 220 volts A.C.
 (b) -do- S.S. Drum 1 Kg. capacity
 (c) -do- Aluminium Drum 1 Kg. capcity.
 (d) -do- Aluminium drum 2 Kg. capacity.

 Bicycle Ergograph

LYZER bicycle frame is supported by a wooden stand, from the front of which two uprights ascend and carry a desk and cross piece, which provide for the attachment, directly in front of the subject, of the tension balances and other pieces in front of the subject, of the tension balances and other pieces of apparatus. A cast iron wheel of 5 1/2 feet in circumference, weighing 22 Kilos and mounted on ball bearing, is substituted for the back wheel. This wheel has slightly beveled edges and is turned true. To the circumference of this, a stout calico is applied, and the two ends of the band ate attached to spring balances of 6 lbs. range (Graduated in one oz.) calico-band to the balance pass round adjustable pulleys in order to give them the right direction. An adjustable record counter records the revolution of the wheel.  

Bicycle Ergograph

LYZER BULK DENSITY APPARATUS (PH-0171) : Specially designed to study, the packing down of powder beds of different pharmaceuticals and chemicals in the process of tablet manufacturing, capsule filling & cosmetics. Installed with an automatic device for preset of strokes Gear driven Noiseless and strudy motor, also provided with an electronic timer. Elegantly designed for smooth operation electrically operated on 230v AC, 50 Hz.
b) display model. 


LYZER  CAPSULE FILLING MACHINE (PH-021): A versatile lever operated seminautomatic machine for various operations with levers is order of 1. plates for putting of capsule by hand 2. removal of caps 3. filling of powder by dispensing of brush pressing 4. fixing of caps and sealing 5. Injection of capsules. Contact parts of stainless for 100 capsules of size 0

 Digital Colony Counter:

LYZER Digital Colony Counter: Digital Display, these are designed to provide light effects for multipurpose viewing in bacteriology, virology & Mycology labs. An ideal instrument for counting bacterial and mould colonies in culture work. It provides uniform flare free illumination to minimise the strain on eyes and clearly defines even small colonies. A 100mm dia lens covers the entire illuminations field and its magnification assures highly accurate results. Counting plate with standard wolfhugel ruling ensures clealy differentiated and sharply defined colonies. Supplied complete with counting plate, lens, cord and plug.  

Digital Colony Counter:
 Ergograph Moses

For recording work done by a finger on to the drum surface. With special arm fixation rests, finger holders, finger strap, recording lever for drums, pulleys & a set of 5 Kgs Slotted weights 

Ergograph Moses

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