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 Tissue Culture Rack

Fabricated out of 1x1x12mm wall thickness square M.S. pipe OR Angle fitted with sturdy castor wheel for smooth shifting movement of the unit, Shelves are made of  frosted glass. Each shelves has been provided with four fluorescent tubes of 4'size.The unit is workable on 220V AC 50Hz single face. Heavy duty electronic chokes have been mounted seperately on each shelf under M.S. mount covering. 

Available Shelves:

  • 4 Shelves  125 X 160 X 152 cm Approx.
  • 5 Shelves 125 X 60 X 192 cm Approx.


  • Photopereodic Timer
  • U. V. Germicidal Tube on each shelf
Tissue Culture Rack

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