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Products Catalogue
 Ammeter :

Ammeter : MO-65, round, D.C. 65mm dia, scale length 55 ±2mm, overall size 85mm, accuracy class index ± 2.5 F.S.D. Mounted in beautiful bakelite desk stand with lock type terminals, common ranges available are :-
Milliammeter :  0 to 1, 10, 50, 100, 300, 500 mili - amps.
Ammeter     :  0 to 1, 1.5, 3, 5, 10amps 

Ammeter :
 Analytical Weight Box :

Analytical Weight Box : Brass C.P. weights, housed in beautiful spray painted velvet lined box, calibrated strictly within the  error limit of tolerances permitted by N.P.L. India Class B, with works guarantee certificate.
1 mg to 100gm  200gm  50gm Brass C.P. 

Analytical Weight Box :
 Astronomical Telescope :

Astronomical   Telescope : With overall length of 85cm fitted with achromatic objective of  Dia 45mm having focal length of 22 inches, complete with velvet lined case & metallic stand  

Astronomical   Telescope :

These sets consists of moulded balls of different colours and sizes along with connecting lugs of different sizes. These sets are very helpful in modelling different organic & Inorganic compounds.

Senior Set : This set consists of 150 lugs & 370 balls of prescribed colours and sizes packed in a moulded box having seperate space for every particulars colour & size of ball.

Junior Set : This set consists of 30 connecting lugs & 75 balls of different colours & sizes. 

 Bar Magnet :

Bar Magnet : Alnico alloy, permanent magnet with keepers,strong. Size:  5cm,  7.5cm, 10cm 

Bar Magnet :

Fortin's Barometer Standard :  With  Metric  and  English  system scales and cistern. Vernier operating with rack and pinion, reads 0.1" and 0.1 cm, with brass pipe and fittings, without mercury
a)  With Borosil glass tube   
b)  With Neutral glass tube

 Battery Eliminators:

LYZER All Battery Eliminators are compiled in a suitably sized steel cabinet protected with fast blow fuse, Band Switch has been provided for Selection of output voltage. Also provided with off - on switch, mains indicator and output are available on 4mm socket terminals.
Output Voltage/Current 
a)2-6 V DC/1 Amps
b)2-6 V DC/2 Amps
c)2-12 V DC/1 Amps
d)2-12 VDC /2 Amps
e)2-12 VDC/3 Amps
f)2-12 VDC/ 5 Amps

Battery Eliminators:
 BEAKERS Plastic

Beakers, moulded in Polypropylene, have excellent clarity and very good chemical resistance. These autoclavable beakers have prominently raised graduations on the outer surface. Pouring a solution becomes very convenient becuaseof its tapered spout.

Cap.: 50ml, 100ml, 250ml, 500ml, 1000ml, 2000ml

 Bunsen Burner :

Bunsen Burner  :  With stop cock brass heavy cast Iron base deco paint brass tube chrome plated. 

Bunsen Burner  :
 Bunsen Burner :

Bunsen Burner  :  Cast Iron base pipe chrome plated screw type air regulator deco paint light base. 

Bunsen Burner  :

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